New Kitchen Backsplash Installations

Backsplash Installation Tampa Bay

Backsplash Installers of Tampa is a trustworthy and reliable backsplash installation service bringing your ideas into life. We have been serving the Tampa Bay and surrounding area for over 5 years and will continue to do so. Our goal is to allow you to have the backsplash of your dreams at an affordable price. When it comes to installing backsplashes, we honor our work and quality. This means that you will have a personalized design and installation service tailored to your needs.

We offer free quotes and design consultations, allowing you to save time and money. Often times our customers have their backsplash panels picked out and we provide assistance in designing a specific layout. We are happy to answer any questions and work alongside out customers to build or improve their dream kitchen. Having your own backsplash panel is a great way of lowering the backsplash installation price as all you would pay is labor.

If you would rather not deal with finding a backsplash panel, we can also do it for you! Every customer is unique and we cater to each project accordingly.

How to Select Backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom?

Selecting the backsplash of your dreams is an exciting process. Literally thousands of colors and patterns can be combined to bring life into your home. Items to consider when selecting a backsplash are:

  • Location of the backsplash – example: kitchen or bathroom
  • Current color of walls (or future color if considering a paint job is in the near future)
  • Current décor
  • Decide if you want bold and sassy, or chic and classy
  • Actual square footage of area needing backsplash – not all backsplash patterns compliment every wall size
  • Type of cut needed for the backsplash

We are here to help and give design consultations free of charge for customers who choose us to install their backsplash! We provide free quote and assistance. Please contact us for a free backsplash installation quote.

Wesley Chapel Penny backsplash Installation

Types of Backsplash Patterns

We specialize in customizing the backsplash pattern you want! Take a look below at some of our common backsplash installation pattern requests:

  • Subway Tiles
  • Herringbone (all time customer favorite)
  • Chevron
  • Arabesque

Types of Backsplash Tiles

Along with a multitude of patterns, backsplashes come in a variety of material mediums. Common ones are listed below:

  • Tile (Most common)
  • Glass Tile
  • Stainless Steel

Grout Cleaning

We get it; grout cleaning and haze removal is a tough job. Let us handle it and your backsplash will be good as new. Past customers receive a discount and yearly packages available for any cleanup job.

Older Backsplash Removal:

Backsplash Installers of Tampa is a one stop for all backsplash needs, and this includes how-to and tutorials. We understand money is tight, as much as we would love to remove backsplash for you, teaching you will be just as easy!

Of course, if you insist we will re-move it for you for a small fee

Safety Check – Have gloves and goggles on – always be safe

  • Step 1: Clear your work area, don’t have chips of backsplash fall onto your candy dish which was given by your mother-in-law (unless this is the excuse to trash the ugly thing)
  • Step 2: Make sure to cut the power at your work area if there is an outlet that needs its cover removed prior to removing the backsplash.
  • Step 3: For elegance, make sure to remove any appliances that are normally on top of backsplash – examples: microwave and other normal kitchen appliances.
  • Step 4– Protect all areas you want protected- tape and plastic bag all areas such as sinks and counters. The amount of dirt will be a lot.
  • Step 5 – Cut the first backsplash using a grout cutter. Relish that first cut. Go ahead – yell for victory- using an X motion within the tile will help loosen it up and lessen any wall damage.
  • Step 6 – Gently use a hammer in the middle of the cuts. This is not wack-a-mole.
  • Step 7 –Get a scrapper into the gap where the tile fell. With the removal of the one tile keep going under the surrounding tiles gently popping the tile from the wall by prying it from the wall using the scraper and hammer.
  • Step 8 – Use a scrapper to remove all excess grout.

Backsplash Installers of Tampa Guarantees That…

• Your dream backsplash project will come true at an affordable price
• We will provide protection to your walls from water damage
• Your backsplash installation will increase the value of your home
• Your backsplash installation will give your home a new pop!