Shower Tile Installation

The perfect shower tile installation can make the difference between a beautiful shower and a weekend-worrier DIY project!

Shower Tile Install

We began installing tiles 5 years ago. Our team has since specialized in shower remodels and bathroom floor tiles. Shower tile installers come in all shapes and forms. Our goal is to provide the best possible shower install so that your dream bathroom becomes a reality! We started out as humble backsplash installers and quickly learned that vertical tile installation is much more intricate compared to floor tile. The perfect thin-set mortar consistency, a sturdy cement board, and a water-proof foundation are all required in order to achieve your dream shower renovation. Of course, all the right materials need the right tile installer!

Full Bathroom Renovations – We Offer the Full Package

Bathroom renovations are a key component when it comes to increasing your property value and loving your home. We offer a full service package in order to save you time and money. We specialize in removing the previous installation, re-building your new bathroom structure, and remodeling or upgrading your bathroom from the ground up. In addition to demo work, we also offer plumbing services.

Let us handle your shower renovations from start to finish. We will install any niche, handle bar, shelf, faucet, and item needed in order to make your dream bathroom a reality! Additionally, we are able to work with any other contractor whom may already be doing part of your bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Tile Installation Bathroom Tile Installation

In addition to being a part of your dream bathroom renovation, we also provide design consultations to help you piece together all your ideas and make them a reality. We want you to fall in love with your bathroom all over again.

Demo and Removal of Old Shower Tile

Travertine Tile Shower Install

We also provide demo and hauling off the old shower tiles. Anyone can use a hammer; however, when it comes to remodeling a bathroom it is important to demolish the existing structure as carefully as possible. The contractor must take precautions in order to avoid damage to plumbing supply lines, drainage systems and any electrical that may be behind walls.

Travertine Tile Shower Install

A well-done demo project saves time and money when it’s time to build the new structure. Just like the rest of the home, building the proper foundation is critical. We never cut corners, unless it’s a tile corner!

Is it time yet?

Make your dream bathroom renovation a reality. We provide demo work, shower tile installation, and a full bathroom remodel package that delivers quality. Check out our reviews and book a free appointment today!